Referees Course For Season 2015

27 APR 2015 | BY TIM BAKER

SAASRA will be holding a referees course in 2015.

If you wish to participate in the courses it is very easy to apply.

All you have to do is contact the SAASRA President Steve Craggs on 0400 988 995 or the SAASRA Secretary via email and register your interest.

Refereeing is a wonderful way to keep in touch with the game we all love so much.

Once you are qualified you are able to become an assistant referee and then become the man or women in the middle.

It is great fun, a great way to keep fit and it is also a way to provide an income stream for you!

It is a great way to meet and enjoy the company of other like minded people.
This course is completely free and every assistance is offered to all participants in their quest to become a match day official.

The dates for this season course is as follows:-

Tuesday 28th April and Tuesday 5th May 2015 at 7pm SAASL HQ -GRANGE SA.